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Winter Trophies 2023-24

Ken Bray Trophy (after Race 8) PDF

The trophy now comes to a 5-month hiatus, as the cancelled National CC will take place in September and decide the outcome of this winter season's consistency competition. Tom Beedell takes a 5-point lead over Dan Steel into the break. If either fails to complete the race in September, the other will likely take the crown. Injuries can happen, as can loss of form. A September National is likely to be run on firm ground. All is to play for. 

Brenda Bray Trophy (after Race 7) PDF

With the outstanding race, the National CC, to take place in September, Alicia McArdell is well-positioned to take this year's title. But she will still have to get around the National. If she doesn't run the National, Kate Stockings will need to finish amongst our first 3 women to take the trophy.