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Ken Bray Trophy 2019-20

Here are the Ken Bray Trophy rankings after the seventh event, the National CC in Nottingham. Any queries, contact Bertie Powell.

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Well, well - it was just as we forecast after the last Met League race! Angus Holford has launched a serious bid to topple Tom Beedell from his pedestal. He raked back a valuable 2 points at Wollaton Park and Tom is really in his sights now. If Angus maintains his fitness there is a distinct possibility that he could leapfrog Tom during the relays. In which case, whether we qualify for, and compete in, the National 12 Stage could be decisive. Has Tom done enough to hang on?

James Stockings' good national shows that, if he put his mind to it, and committed to all the events, he would be a genuine threat next season.

Great to see Kevin Murphy back in the top 10, and Thomas Adolphus retains a very worthy position in 6th.