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U/17's & U/20's Smash opponents at home

The 1st YDL Upper match got underway at Home on Sunday 28th April with a performance that left the other clubs trailing in the wind. The combined Under 17's & Under 20's ran out as comfortable winners by over 300 points:

1) WGEL -                    903 Points

2) Basildon AC -           585

3) Dartford Harriers -    458.5

4) Highgate Harriers -   386

5) Team ATIPS         -   336

6) NEB                     -   290

7) VPTH AC             -   255

8) S Factor Academy - 247.5


The Under 20 men sprinters were in fine form with Marcel Winter finishing 3rd in the a-string with: 11.08sec and Ethan Franklin 1st in b-string: 11.22sec. The two swapped roles in the 200m, Ethan coming home 1st with: 21.95sec and Marcel also 1st in b-string: 22.83sec. In the 400m Zach Bridges was 1st with a time of: 50.40sec and Tyrees Agha: 59.90sec and 3rd b-string.

Zac Bridges won the U20 400m

The middle distance events started with the 800m and Joe Oates (Under 17) was 3rd with: 2m 10.91sec whilst Josh Stephenson also an under 17 was 1st b-string in: 2m 20.94sec. Ronan Edwards was the sole competitior for the club in the 1500m and was 1st in: 4m 08.63sec and he also went on to take part in the 2000m S/C where again he also came 1st with a time of: 6m 54.77sec. In the field events, Luca Kaye was 2nd in the Long Jump with a distance of: 5m 70cm. 

Luca Kaye: 2nd in the U20 Long Jump

Marcel Winter fresh from his sprints was 2nd in a-string High Jump: 1m 55cm. Sadly Wilfred Williams didn't record a height.  The Triple Jump was much better for Wilfred where he secured a 2nd place a-string distance of: 12m 78cm and Ronan Edwards adapting to events other than track was 2nd b-string with: 9m 41cm. Ronan also took to throwing with a 4th place position in the Shot Put: 6m 24cm, Jaheim Roman (U/17) was 3rd in Discus with: 18m 89cm. In the relays the 4x100m team of (Ethan Franklin, Tyrees Agha, Omari Paul-Jones & Marcel Winter) were 2nd in a time of: 44.42sec, and the 4x400m mixed relay team consisting of Zach Bridges, Isabelle Kyson (U/17), Kezia Beeton & Ethan Franklin came home in fine fashion with a 1st place time of: 3m 51.96sec.

Ashleigh Simmonds and Tiya Canning Lawrence started the Under 20 women off with Ashleigh 1st in the a-string 100m with: 13.20sec and Tiya 1st b-string: 13.29sec. Zoe Hedges (U/17) ran the a-string 200m and was 2nd in: 26.81sec, whilst Tiya did the sprint double and was again 1st in b-string with: 27.86sec. In the 400m Natasha Wynn (U/17) was 1st in: 60.62sec and Evia Mosanya (U/17) was 2nd in b-string: 68.19sec. Kezia Beeton ran the 800m and finished 1st in: 2m 19.60sec with Anaand Tratt (U/17) was 1st in b-string with: 2m 31.41sec. The only other long distance runners for the club was Emily Caton who ran the 1500m and was 1st in the a race with: 5m 03.13sec with Juliet Taylor b-string winner: 6m 08.24sec. Matilda Frith (U/17) still very new to the event of hurdles took part in the 400m event and came home 3rd in the a-string: 86.39sec. In the field events, Giselle Moulton was 4th in the Long Jump:3m 59cm, with Kharina Partidge was 3rd in a-string Triple Jump with a leap of: 10m 79cm and Tejiri Akpoveta 1st b-string with: 9m 37cm. Kharina also took part in the Shot Put with 2nd place: 7m 22cm, Tejiri was 2nd in Discus: 14m 60cm and Demi Salako was 1st in a-string Javelin with a distance of: 16m 34cm. Both relay teams triumphed with the 4x100m team of Ashleigh Simmonds, Titobiloluwa Adeleye, Tejiri Akpoveta & Tiya Canning-Lawrence) finishing in a time of: 51.83sec and the 4x400m mixed relay team of Tyrees Agha, Anaand Tratt (U/17), Tess Noblet (U/17) & Godwinner Kassa Nkebani ran a time of: 4m 13.45sec.

The Under 17 men were loaded with much talent and Alex Foster was 4th in the a-string 100m: 11.69sec and Kofi Amoateng: 12.14sec for 2nd in b-string. Alex also took part in the 200m: 23.47sec for 4th and Jaheim Roman was 3rd in: 25.00sec. Lucas Emeagi ran a fine 400m a-string for 1st place: 50.98sec and Harry Stockill 2nd b-string: 56.91sec. In the 800m William Muffett was 1st a-string and Oscar Eaton 1st b-string in 2m 03.41sec and 2m 04.82sec respectively. Harry ran the 1500m in: 4m 14.07sec for 2nd a-string and Josh Stephenson was the only b-string runner: 4m 45.95sec. Joseph Arnold ran the 100m Hurdles for 3rd in a-string: 16.83sec and took on the longer 400m Hurdles coming home 1st in: 62.57sec.

Joseph Arnold on his way to winning the 400mH

Joseph not satisfied with just the hurdles was there again in the 1500m S/C with 2nd in b-string: 5m 13.44sec, while Aidan O'Driscoll was a-string 3rd in: 4m 59.13sec. To the field again and Leo Everitt was 5th in the Long Jump: 4m 76cm and William Muffett was b-string 3rd with a distance of: 4m 66cm, Leo also went on to take part in the High Jump and finished 5th with 1m 40cm. Jaheim Roman was 3rd in a-string Shot Put: 9m 73cm and Kofi Amoateng was 2nd b-string with: 7m 70cm. In the Discus Alex Foster came 3rd with: 22m 09cm and Oliver Clifton was 1st in b-string with: 20m 42cm, Oliver also did the Hammer a-string with a throw of: 17m 96cm, unfortunately Leo Everitt didn't record a mark. Javelin was the last throws event and Oliver was 1st a-string: 31m 69cm and Aidan O'Driscoll came 1st in b-string: 14m 14cm. In the 4x100m team (Alex Foster, Kofi Amoateng, Jaheim Roman & Lucas Emeagi) came home triumphantly in 1st place with a time of: 45.04sec, whilst William Muffett, Oscar Eaton, Harry Stockill & Lucas Emeagi were 2nd in the 4x400m in a time of: 3m 40.70sec.

Caitlin Hancock was the a-string in the Under 17 women's 100m and finished 2nd in: 12.56sec and Amira Adeshokah was 1st b-string: 12.95sec. Natasha Wynn was 2nd in a-string in 200m with: 26.50sec and Isabelle Kyson 1st b-string: 27.10sec. Noa produced a good race in the 300m with a win: 41.74sec and Mame-nhyira Coleman was 1st b-string in: 44.68sec.. In the middle distance 800m race Tess Noblet was 2nd with: 2m 29.44sec and Summer Maw: 2m 36.18sec and 2nd b-string. Molly Sherrin won the 1500m in: 5m 03.74sec and Ella Traynor was 1st in b-string: 5m 29.76sec. In the short sprint hurdles Ishana Malcolm was 3rd in a-string: 14.16sec and Daisy Anderson was the only b-string runner with a time of: 14.77sec. The longer hurdles race saw Isabelle Kyson come 1st in the 300m Hurdles: 48.61sec and Daisy Anderson was also 1st in b-string: 50.47sec. Hurdling was also the name of the game as both Ella Traynor and Matilda Frith took part in the 1500m S/C and the only two to do so. Ella ran 5m 56.39sec a-string and Matilda finished in a time of: 6m 08.13sec b-string.

Ella Traynor: won the B string 1500m & A string 1500m steeplechase

Caitlin Hancock leaped to a 1st place in the Long Jump with: 5m 30cm and Amira Adeshokan was 2nd with: 3m 82cm. Grace Olusegan was 4th in the High Jump with: 1m 35cm and Amara Lambie was 1st in b-string: 1m 25cm. Lilly Spong unfortunately didn't record a mark in the Triple Jump, Keira Plamer was 1st in the Pole Vault with: 2m 30cm and Amber Higgs-Smith again 1st b-string: 2m 15cm. The throws saw Rebecca Wright finish 2nd in the Shot Put: 11m 05cm and Demi Salako was 3rd with: 5m 86cm. In the Discus Tess Noblet threw: 14m 19cm for 5th in a-string and Daisy Anderson was 2nd b-string: 13m 05cm. Demi Salako won the a-string Hammer with: 28m 45cm and Tess Noblet was 1st b-string: 21m 01cm. Rebecca Wright 1st a-string Javelin: 34m 05cm and Amber Higgs-Smith 1st b-string: 17m 34cm. The 4x100m relay team (Caitlin Hancock, Amira Adeshokan, Zoe Hedges & Nevaeh Johnson) ran home 1st in a time of: 48.39sec. The final event the 4x300m team (Noa Chodokufa, Mame-nhyira Coleman, Daisy Anderson & Caitlin Hancock) like the 4x100m team also produced a fine performance to come home in 1st place with a time of: 2min 58.61sec.