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Woodford athletes were in indoor action both in the UK and overseas, including at the London Indoor Games at Lee Valley, and the Scottish Championships in Glasgow.

2017 Open Graded Timetables

The Open Graded Meeting dates and timetables for 2017 are now available - please see the Open Graded Meetings tab.

Club Clothing at reduced prices

Certain items of club clothing are now on sale at reduced prices. If you are interested, please speak to Paul Cheal on a club night.

Tracksuits (Older Version)

X/Small x 4

Small x 8 + (Small bottoms x 2 only)

Medium x 1

Large x 4

X/Large x 15

X/Large x 1 (Top Only)

XX/Large x 2

XX/Large x 2 (Bottoms Only) 

Cost for Tracksuit: £15       

Bottoms or Top only: £7.50 

British Athletics Cardiff Cross Challenge

A team of John Stow’s intrepid young athletes travelled on Sunday to Cardiff to take up the British Athletics Cross Challenge. Under the watchful eye of Coach Steve Cody the team assembled in Blackweir Fields,  eautiful parkland in the city centre along side the river Taff. Ready for a memorable day’s racing.

The course, which was in a much less boggy condition than last year, was nonetheless exciting, full of fast flats, steep banks and twists and turns, but soft underfoot compared to the frozen fields of Essex the day before. To quote young Nathan Wright after his inspection he declared it ‘’a perfect cross country course”.

Boys U11 U13 Cardiff

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