Membership fees are normally due on the 1st January of each year but,as notified last December, the club committee extended the period for a further three months to 1st April 2021. This was in recognition that 2020 has been an exceptional year both on a personal basis and for athletics in general. There has been scant competition at club level and the winter season has been written off. Nevertheless, many of you continued to pay your annual subscriptions and the club is grateful that so many have done so to allow the club to function as normally as possible.

Membership fees are now due on the 1st April 2021. From there onwards, our subscription year will run from the 1st April each year to the following 31st March. This will now be in line with the registration year with England Athletics, which run in the same period. 2021 Membership Fees, including registration fees to England Athletics, are as follows:


Active Seniors (Over 21): £69.00 per annum 

Active Young Members (under 21), Students, Unemployed and Pensioners: £49.00 per annum 

Non-Active and 2nd Claim: £38.00 per annum


England Athletics (EA) have indicated that there will be no increase in Registration Fees (currently £15) and therefore the club fees will also not increase.

Hopefully, we will be back to some form of normality this summer season with some track & field competition currently scheduled. It is also hoped that the 2021/2022 winter season will be back to  normal and full competition will again be available in all the leagues and championships. 

Some club members may have concerns regarding paying membership fees when competition is still suspended, but apart fromthe fees helping to sustain the club, there are wider benefits to the club and the sport as detailed below: 

·      Registration for competition (when resumed) will be enabled through paying the subs. In the meantime, registration is required for any virtual events organised at club level.

·      Once registered, athletes receive England Athletics e-bulletins and are issued with details of partner offers, discounts, and the latest news on competition.

·       Registration enables eligibility for events held under UKA/EA rules on track and field, cross country and road with discounted entries for road     races.

·       EA offer some free and discounted coaching, leadership skills, officiating qualifications, and development opportunities across athletics.

·       Registered athletes have free online EA resources, webinars, and workshops.

·       The Club itself is registered with EA which enables us to access resources for coaching and officiating workshops as well as webinars.

·       As a club we have access to EA club activities as well as limited places for entry to the London Marathon. 

·       Continued membership of EA as a club and as individuals allows us to shape the future of the sport through the club membership consultation.

·       Continued membership of EA as a club and as individuals allows us to shape the future of the sport through the club membership   consultation.

The club committee hope that this recognises the value of paying the membership fee and thank those club members who have continued to pay their annual membership fees during 2020.Despite the diminished levels of competitionyour membership feeshave helped the club and the sport during these difficult times.

Cowsi Magol, Membership Secretary. March 2021