Met 2019 race 1: U11s

Results – Summary 

·         17 WGEL boy runners / 7 lower age group (9 years old) 

·         11 WGEL girl runners / 5 lower age group (9 years old) 

·         Boys - Closed 8 in 20 

·         Girls - closed 8 in 23 

·         Lower age group performed very well - Daniel Arnold 1st in age group, Rudy 2nd and Sebastian 4th. Autumn 2nd and Faye 3rd lower age group.

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Detailed Results - Boys


·         A team = Oliver Brown (4th in 05:45), Daniel Arnold (5th in 05:53 & 1st in age group), Rudy Parker-Bayes (7th in 05:59 2nd in age group) & Thomas Kirkland (9th in 06:01) 


·         B team = Sebastian Reid (11th in 06:09 4th in age group), Riley Micheals (17th in 06:27 7th in age group), Austin McKenzie (19th in 06:28 8th in age group) & Ethan Day 20th in 06:31). 


·         Squad: Oskar Kyson (21st in 06:33), Leo Everitt 22nd (06:35), Josh Parry (7:08), Isaac Amores (32nd 07:13), Jure Yoloye (39th 07:44) & Dom Parry (40th 07:56). 


Detailed Results - Girls


·         A team = Autumn Le Chevalier (4th 06:05 2nd age group), Caitlin Hancock (6th 06:12), Faye Owers (8th 06:24 3rd age group) & Eliza Bridges (06:31). 


·         B team = Jasmina Caras (15th in 06:45), Daisy Sherrin (18th 06:59 4th in age group), Amber Higgs Smith (21st 07:14) & Daisy McDonald (23rd 07:16). 


·         Squad = Savana Gayle (24th 07:19), Ishana Malcolm (26th 07:21) & Alicia Percy (29th 07:24) 


Boys Race Report


Great running from WGEL boys who took the race to the competition right from the start! The race was won by a very strong looking Ben Redland (05:29) of London Heathside. Ben led from start to finish with Arthur Phillips (05:31) of SBH a close second. Third place was Elvis Elendu (05:44) of Enfield who fended off a great final sprint from our first WGEL boy home, Oliver Brown who finished just one second behind. On this evidence Oliver will be chasing the top three hard over the winter.

First in his age group (9 years old) and finishing 5th overall was Daniel Arnold. A new recruit, Daniel has been tearing up the Roding Valley junior park run most weeks and took to his first competitive race in WGEL colours like a duck to water. A great run and again one to watch with regard that top three over the remaining fixtures.

Next in for the A team was Rudy Parker-Bayes (05:59).Rudy was 2nd in his age group in only his first competitive cross country race. A fantastic achievement. Rudy was pushed all the way by Thomas Kirkland (06:01).Thomas is a WASPs regular and an all-round great athlete and he completed the A team scorers in 9th position overall. It was a staggering set of results and set the boys off to a winning start to the season with the A team in 1st place.

The B team was led home by Sebastian Reid (06:09). Sebastian was a fantastic 4th in his age group and will be pushing his team mates for a place in the A team on today’s evidence. The next six WGEL runners all packed superbly. There were great scenes out on the course with these lads cheering each other on, often racing side by side. Riley Micheals (06:27) led home the WGEL pack in 17th position with Austin McKenzie (06:28) 18th and Ethan Day (06:31) in 20th completing the B team. Oskar Kyson (06:33) 21st and Leo Everitt (06:35) 22nd pushed these boys all the way and will be keeping them all on their toes at upcoming fixtures. Ethan’s smile at the end of the race summed up how pleased he was with the result, knowing how hard they had worked together and was further evidence as to the great nature of this team. The B team finished in a splendid 3rd place overall on the day.

WGEL lads Micah Edwards (24th), Jude Purser (25th) and Henry Baily (26th) packed together fantastically well as a stream of green and white flooded the finishing funnel. Josh Parry (31st) and Isaac Amores (32nd) also had a great battle out on the course, racing into the finish with Jure Yoloye (39th) and Dom Parry (40th) just behind to complete the squad with fantastic aplomb and their first cross country race under their belts!

Girls Race Report

WGEL U11 Girls were also in sparkling form despite the weather. The race was won by the graceful looking Posie Shaw (05:47) of SHB. Posie broke clear of the field on the final downhill section and was chased home by Kiara Corkin (05:53) of Heathside and Jorjia March (05:54) of Barnet. Next home and first WGEL girl was Autumn Le Chevalier (06:05). Autumn started steady,making her way toward the front of the pack. Her timing was superb, entering the final 50m she was still motoring and after an epic battle with Stella Gessaroli of VPTH over the last 50m she passed her and took 4th place to lead the WGEL A team home. Autumn was 2nd in her age group.

In another epic sprint finish, the second WGEL A team girl home was Caitlin Hancock (06:12) in 6th place. Caitlin ran a great race finishing with a tremendous sprint to overtake well respected VPTH girl, Tess Noblet. Caitlin’s speed work over the summer came good for her and she will be looking, along with Autumn, to close the gap on the top three over the course of the Met fixtures this year.

In third place for WGEL A team was Faye Owers (06:24) who ran home in 8th place. A fantastic run from Faye who worked superbly with Caitlin for most of the race together. This was her first competitive cross country for WGEL and she placed 3rd for her age group. In what is her first six months of club running she is one to watch and is progressing week on week as she learns from all her team mates in this great squad.

The A team was closed by Eliza Bridges (06:31) in 12th, who broke clear of another VPTH athlete Lilly Naughton coming into the final hill to the finish. Another great, well executed run to close the A team in 1st place.

The B team was led home brilliantly by Jasmina Caras (06:45) in 15th, who was in a good group of three runners coming into the final stretch with Daisy Sherrin (06:59) in 18th closely following them into the end. Daisy is always smiling, but under that exterior is a steely determination and as another lower age group runner today this was just a start of her XC racing!

Next in was Amber Higgs-Smith (07:14) in 21st. Amber is a fantastic athlete, recovering after a serious fall in the summer. It was great to see her back competing for WGEL. Amber will certainly be another one to watch as we progress her fitness over the coming months. Closing the B team just behind Amber was Daisy McDonald (07:16) in 23rd place. Daisy held off a late sprint finish from her WGEL team mate Savana Gayle (07:19) in 24th. Daisy completed the WGEL B team who finished a brilliant 4th on the day.

Right behind Savana, was Ishana Malcolm (07:21) in 26th who looked very strong coming into the finish with Alicia Percy (07:24) in 28th completing the WGEL girls squad.

A great day all round and we roll into Welwyn on 9th November with a real sense of pride at the top of the table.