Freddie Sykes medal

A true gem has come to light. The medal won on 2nd January 1912 by Freddie Sykes when he won the club's 10 mile championship. Freddie Sykes was Club Secretary for 2 years 1912-1914 before relinquishing his post to join HM Forces.

Freddie-Sykes-medal-1 Freddie-Sykes-medal-2

His great-niece, Brenda Fil, recently got in touch with the club from Canada and sent photos of the medal, which seems likely to be the oldest known club medal. Tragically, Freddie was killed on the Somme in 1916.

After the war his brother Len Sykes was one of those responsible for getting the club moving once more. Len was a CC man and Social Secretary until the advent of WW2.

For many years, the club's medals were actually made of gold, silver and bronze. Judging from the hallmark, Freddie's medal seems to have been made of gold.

The medal would surely take pride of place in any WGEL-related Antiques Roadshow!

It is, perhaps, worth taking a moment to consider the enormous sacrifice made by the country's young men at that time.

RIP Freddie Sykes