Freddie Sykes medal

A true gem has come to light. The medal won on 2nd January 1912 by Freddie Sykes when he won the club's 10 mile championship. Freddie Sykes was Club Secretary for 2 years 1912-1914 before relinquishing his post to join HM Forces.

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His great-niece, Brenda Fil, recently got in touch with the club from Canada and sent photos of the medal, which seems likely to be the oldest known club medal. Tragically, Freddie was killed on the Somme in 1916.

After the war his brother Len Sykes was one of those responsible for getting the club moving once more. Len was a CC man and Social Secretary until the advent of WW2.

For many years, the club's medals were actually made of gold, silver and bronze. Judging from the hallmark, Freddie's medal seems to have been made of gold.

The medal would surely take pride of place in any WGEL-related Antiques Roadshow!

It is, perhaps, worth taking a moment to consider the enormous sacrifice made by the country's young men at that time.

RIP Freddie Sykes


WGEL subscriptions

The winter season will be starting next month with the first major race at Claybury Park on the 13th October for the Met League. If you wish to compete for the winter season and have not paid your annual membership fee, you will not be registered for competition. Please pay any subs outstanding before the end of this month and you will be registered for competition for the cross country season.

A day at the seaside

On Saturday our Young Athletes enjoyed a break from their normal training regimes and the start of the winter season with a fun time at Adventure Island in Southend. The YAs certainly let their hair down, so to speak, pushing their bodies up, down and even sideways with those fast rides and, on top of this, filling their bodies with good, old traditional seaside food like popcorn, candy floss, doughnuts and hot dogs, not forgetting those big slush puppies and ice creams. It was so good to see smiles on their faces and hearing those screams (all good though). Whilst this was happening some of the team leaders decided to take a scroll along the world's longest pleasure beach pier, all 1.33 miles of it. All in all a great day was had by all.


WGEL dinner: 3rd November

I am arranging an evening WGEL Dinner in our clubhouse at Ashton Playing Fields on Saturday 3rd November. The night will be presided over by outgoing club President Terry McCarthy.

It will be a three course meal with choices available for each course. Tickets available to family and friends of club members and associates of the club also.

The previous club dinners in the clubhouse that I have arranged have proved very popular with good food, a relaxed atmosphere for conversation and some fund raising for the club.

Further information regarding ticket cost, meal choices and booking to follow very soon but by all means drop me an email in advance if you would be interested in coming along.

Please save the date in your calendars and diaries.

Thank you for your support of the club.

Keith Newton (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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