2017 London Marathon

8 of our men ran the London Marathon today: Daniel Steel 2:30.00, Gavin Lewis 2:38.10, Harold Wyber 2:42.51, Tomaz Plibersek 2:49.16, Omar Mansour 2:58.39, M55 Alun Evans 3:29.36, M70 Anthony Bradley 6:52. And Tim Prendergast in the World Para Athletics World Cup 2:41.38.

Daniel's PB had been 2:30.06, and he wanted to knock a couple of minutes off that. Dan Steel VLM 2017He went through halfway in 1:14.20, so lost a little time over the second half and just managed to clip 6" off his PB. Frustrating not to go under the 2:30 barrier!!





Gavin is better known for running 800s than half-marathons, so eyebrows were raised when he announced he was running. Gavin Lewis VLM 2017However he judged his race very well, going through halfway in 1:17.37 so losing relatively little - for a debutant - over the second half. 





Harold is a seasoned marathon runner with a best of 2:30.47, but he is unfit. 

Harold Wyber VLM 2017

He paced his race accordingly, through halfway in 1:20.06 and just losing a little time after that.











Tomaz Plibersek VLM 2017Tomaz was making his "first and probably last" attempt at the marathon to celebrate withdrawal from active competition after 15 years which included representing Slovenia at cross country and our BAL team in many steeplechases. Now coaching, he ran a nicely measured race, going through halfway in 1:22.28 and going a few minutes quicker than he himself had estimated. 




Omar Mansour VLM 2017

Omar, like Gavin, is more of an 800m runner. Unlike Gavin, Omar suffered with a cramping calf for the last 7 miles. Through halfway in 1:19.06, Omar did a fair bit of walking over the final miles. Ouch! 




Alun is an old hand at this game and in fact this was one of his slower efforts. Going through halfway in 1:38.16 he began to slow around the 15-mile mark.

Anthony Bradley is an official at the club, and an Associate Member. Not known to be a runner, he went through halfway in 2:58.06. Almost 7 hours is a long time for anyone to be on their feet, so well done to him.

Tim Prendergast VLM 2017

In the World Para Athletics World Cup, in the T13 Partially Sighted category Tim Prendergast, representing New Zealand (above), shattered his PB of 2hrs 46mins with a superb run of 2:41.38. The website is not showing all of Tim's split times but to record a time like that we suspect he ran a superbly controlled race.

We wish all the guys a full recovery!!