Ayo Falola

As some Club members may be aware, Life Member, Coach and former sprinter, Ayo Falola, who has been battling cancer for several years, has recently been given a terminal prognosis.  Ayo's wife Sarah, and eldest son Oliver are planning a sponsored "shave" to raise money for the Macmillan organisation who do such a wonderful job in supporting cancer sufferers, and are currently providing support to the Falola family.

Read Sarah's message here


Schools Cross Country League 2015

Week 1 Results

Week 2 Results

Week 3 Results



This October, Woodford Green Athletics Club with Essex Ladies (WGEL) will once again be organising its annual cross country league for local schools - the 22nd year since the event started. Please find attached the entry forms for Primary and Senior Schools. A set of instructions for Team Managers is also attached. 

There will be races over three weeks on the following dates:  

Thursday 1st October 

Thursday 8th October 

Thursday 15th October 

The venue for the event will be Claybury Park starting at 4:30 pm. Four races will be held on each day:  

Junior Girls – Years 5 & 6 

Junior Boys – Years 5 & 6 

Senior Girls – Years 7/8 & 9/10 

Senior Boys – Years 7/8 & 9/10 

Years 7/8 and years 9/10 will be run together, but will score separately. Full instructions with details of the event and entry forms are linked below. Entry forms to be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please note that there are separate entry forms for Primary and Senior schools.

WGEL Schools CC League Instructions

WGEL Schools CC League Entry Form: Seniors

WGEL Schools CC League Entry Form: Primary

This is being circulated to schools which entered the event last year or have previously entered. Please let Graham know as soon as possible if you are NOT going to enter a team as there are other schools waiting to enter. We would also appreciate an early response for entries to enable us to gather together the necessary officials to organise the event. Please note that there is a £10 entry fee for each school in Primary and Senior section. 

We look forward to your entry form and seeing you again at Claybury Park for another year and to some good competition. 

Cowsi Magol 

Organising Committee Schools XC 

Woodford Green AC with Essex Ladies



New President & Life Members elected

Our new President and two new Life Members were elected at the AGM, held in the clubhouse on Friday 17th. Jan Warne PresidentDavid Hollingworth stepped down after two very active years in which he combined the Club Secretary's job with the President's role, and he handed over the chain of office (consisting of many venerable club medals) to the newly elected Jan Holst

65 year old Jan took her daughter down to Essex Ladies many moons ago, and then took up coaching and team management, which she has continued to do every since. She has specialised in coaching long jump and pole vault and helped to produce some very fine athletes. Her team management duties often took her into Europe as Essex Ladies represented Great Britain on several occasions. In proposing her, ex-President Jean Burgess said that Jan would "bring a quiet dignity to the role".


Athlete photos wanted

We are in the process of developing a photo archive so that we can illustrate website articles and press reports with pictures of our athletes.

This is particularly relevant as the Track & Field season approaches. There will be outstanding performances from both senior and young athletes during the summer, and we would like to be able to show our readers who we are writing about.

A good level of resolution is required by local newspapers. This is less important for website photos. Action shots are preferred but by no means essential.

Any coaches, team managers, parents or supporters who want to contribute athlete photos to our archive, at any time, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .