Membership Fees 2017

This is to remind club members that annual subscriptions for 2017 membership fees are due on 1st January, 2017. Due to the increase in registration fees from England Athletics membership subscription has been increased by £1 for all active members. If you have already paid, please ignore this. If you are a life or associate member, no fees are due other than the £14 for the registration fee as an active competitor with England Athletics. Please note that those members who joined from September to December 2016 will have their membership fees carried forward to 2017.

2017 subscriptions are as follows:


Active Seniors (Over 21)                                                               £67.00 per annum.


Active Young Members (under 21)

Students, Unemployed and                                                         £47.00 per annum.



Non Active,

2nd Claim,                                                                                       £38.00 per annum.

London Marathon: club places

Dear Club Member,

Based on our number of registered athletes, we get 2 club places for the London Marathon. In the past we have allocated these based on the following criteria:

1.     Must have already entered and had a rejection

2.     Must be fully paid up with subs etc

3.     Must agree to help out or have family/friend help out at the RVHM.

If there are more than 2 members that meet the criteria, then we will hold a ballot. If there are not enough rejected runners, then we can open it out to the whole club, but with conditions 2 and 3 still applying.

The successful members will then be responsible for entering and paying via a process of which they will be advised by the Club Secretary, David Hollingworth.

If you believe you meet the criteria, please email David before 18th December: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Christmas Party and Presentation Awards Night

Tickets are now available for Christmas Party/Presentation Awards Night.

Young Athletes - FREE

Adults - £3.00 each

Coaches - FREE

Clubmark renewal

Following behind the scenes work by the Club Committee, the club has had its Clubmark certification renewed for another 3 years. Clubmark is an important accreditation for all sports clubs showing that we are “fit for purpose” in our Management, Duty of Care, Community Relations and Competition and Coaching, in particular in respect of young athletes. The photo shows our President, Jan Holst, receiving our Certificate from Guy Spencer, our Club and Coach Support Officer from England Athletics.


The President delivers

Volunteering takes many forms. WGEL Track & Field Officals are vital ....but nothing beats a refreshing cup of tea/coffee when delivered by Club President, Jan Holst.
Jan Holst serving tea