Club Clothing at reduced prices

Certain items of club clothing are now on sale at reduced prices. If you are interested, please speak to Paul Cheal on a club night.

Tracksuits (Older Version)

X/Small x 4

Small x 8 + (Small bottoms x 2 only)

Medium x 1

Large x 4

X/Large x 15

X/Large x 1 (Top Only)

XX/Large x 2

XX/Large x 2 (Bottoms Only) 

Cost for Tracksuit: £15       

Bottoms or Top only: £7.50 

Tracksuits (New Version)

Jacket -  x 5

Trousers -  x 3 

Cost of either: £10.00 (Need to check and try on, as sizes not clear) 


Small x 16

Large x 1

X/Large x 4

XX/Large x 3 

Cost: £5.00 each


Polo Tops 

Large x 2 

Cost: £3.00  


The cost of these items may be open to negotiation, but the initial cost stands at the present time.